Dai Aoki

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


environment, circular society, education

Business idea in short

Moldable wood derived from unutilized or wasted agricultural resources

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

There are variety of unutilized or wasted agricultural resources such as bamboo in Japan, palm husk in oil palm plantations, which have caused serious pollution and disruption of ecosystem. Furthermore, the income level of agricultural employees, which tends to be low, hinders the employees’ children from education. I aim to utilize the agricultural resources for “moldable wood”, and then bring about an increase in the employees’ income and universal education chance.


In my experience in the cram school, I was keenly aware of the fact that many children were despairing about their future. (One of them said that it was the most “cost-efficient way of life” to play until graduation of university and then commit suicide immediately!) I am sure that it is because of lack of vigor, self-confidence of the whole Japan. I would like to encourage and warm up Japan again so that children can be hopeful for the future.


In my university days, I absorbed myself to teaching students in a cram school. | After graduation from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, I joined to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and has engaged in R&D of polymeric materials.