Incubation Program

The Phoenixi incubation program is to support startups under the theme of “Innovation born from time and space sharing”.


After the residency period, Phoenixi will help program participants who wish to find workplace in cooperation with our partners.

Opportunities for fundraising

Program participants will be given an opportunity to present their business plans at a Showcase held at the end of the residency period. The Showcase brings a variety of investors from Japan and overseas as well as business developers, seeking for ventures to invest and to find a joint development partner. The program cooperates with Japan Impact Fund, which supports startups, with a chance to receive funds indispensable for its growth.

Cooperation with Halcyon Incubator

The Phoenixi incubation program works in close collaboration with Halcyon Incubator, which is known for its advanced efforts in the United States. Program participants can expand their missions through Halcyon Incubator.