Phoenixi Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of realizing a 21st century business model that connects business, society, and environment and turns it into successful business to solve various challenges in the society.

Our mission is to build a better society through creation of social entrepreneurship and impact investments. To further this mission, experienced founders and entrepreneurs across the sectors gathered, and will operate an incubator program with residence in the vicinity of the Yoshida campus, Kyoto University. Our incubator is an open and diverse place to share ideas and experiences.

We have seen many challenges to the innovations such as open innovation, design thinking, acceleration programs in the world. Our engagement is to provide promising innovators with healthy competition and co-creativity opportunities, raising the possibilities of innovation and odds to succeed.

Maintaining loose cooperation among universities, companies, public sectors, and communities, we aim to create the super ecosystem that circulate a new outcome derived from innovation and social impact that we create. Additionally, we will also do our best to develop analytical scales for impact assessment and networks for business expansion in order to apply social impact created through our efforts to even wider fields.

Phoenixi Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & Founder
Yukiko Hashitera