Hiroki Yamaguchi

Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Technology and Innovation Center


1984 Born in Saga prefecture, Japan

2012 Ph.D. in Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
Research on molecular aggregation states of water- and oil-repellent polymer thin films

2012-Present Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Development on water and oil repellent polymer thin films

Social Issues and The Theme of My Business

Social issues to be solved:
Various practical issues caused by H2O molecules that have not yet been resolved completely.
(For example, poor drain, condensation, scale, frost formation, icing, snowfall, corrosion, rust, breeding of fungus and breeding of mold etc.)
Business theme:
Large-scale practical application of versatile super-hydrophobic / super-lubricating coating


Superhydrophobicity and super-lubricity are expected to be applied not only to field that require water repellency but also to various fields. However, no example of large-scale sales expansion for these technologies is exist. Therefore, I strongly want to develop those practical technologies and release products that can solve many problems.