Jargalsaikhan Jargalmaa

Kyoto university, Graduate School of Education


After graduating from Mongolian National University, Faculty of Sociology, majoring in Political Science, came to Japan. Graduating from a Japanese language school and working as a research student, entered the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University in 2015, obtained a master’s degree, and is currently enrolled in a doctoral course. In 2017, hired as a research fellow (DC1).
In 2023, will be appointed as a researcher at the office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation of Kyoto University.

Business idea in short

-A Study trip for adults to learn from Researchers-

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

In response to the problem that there is no opportunity to return the research content of young researchers to society, it will connect researchers and society by providing intellectual trips where they can learn in their fields of expertise under the theme of research area. Contribute to problem solving while making the general public understand the interest and necessity of the content.


Utilizing the connections with many researchers and graduate students cultivated during my life as a graduate student at Kyoto University. I would like to build a system that can return the knowledge of researchers to society based on Kyoto University and expand it to universities throughout Japan.