Kanako Ishikawa

grigry Inc.


femtech, social justice

Business idea in short

Safe and secure solution with smart amulet

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

The business concept is “Omori DX (= Amulet DX)”. By combining amulet and technology, we will power up familiar amulet and develop smart amulet that protects you in case of emergency. Protects young women and the elderly from risks such as sudden accidents, illnesses, and sexual crimes. The device send help signal to family and friends with simple operations when they feel personal or life-threatening risk.


My strong desire is to make women free from serious trauma which is caused by sexual violence and crimes. It is realistically achievable by giving them the effective means and options with new mechanism which protect themselves in emergency and risky scene.


After graduating from university, engaged in information search and analysis work at the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office of the Cabinet Secretariat. She moved to the United States in 2013 and was involved in management such as development of new projects as general affairs development manager at the International Institute of Global Resilience. She moved her base to Japan in 2015 and became independent as a consultant. July 2019 Established grigry Inc. | Graduated from Globis School of Management / Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law