Kazuma Shinno

Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University


2016- Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University

2017- Founder, MSB in Kyoto, an overseas medical student exchange group

2019 Research Intern, Children’s National Medical Center, Center for Neuroscience Research, Washington, D.C., United States

Business idea in short

Web application supporting Orthostatic Dysregulation (OD) for future generations

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

Orthostatic Dysregulation (OD) is an autonomic dysfunction that affects about 10% of adolescents and an estimated 700,000 children in Japan, and the number of prolonged and severe cases is increasing. Developing the app, we aim to support overlooked OD patients and at the same time raise awareness among families and school staff.


We aim to create a society where not only children diagnosed with OD, but also children who are overlooked because they cannot go to school or the hospital, can spend their adolescence in good health without being left behind. Furthermore, we would like to expand the indications to other pediatric psychosomatic disorders, which are on the rise.