Kota Shoji

Kyoto University / GOALOOK private school


Although he enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University, he became interested in Buddhism after spending a year in Myanmar. After that, he transferred to the Graduate School of Education and became the vice president of the GOALOOK cram school run by Kyoto University students. We work on individual instruction that is close to children’s thoughts and feelings, and lessons that nurture intellectual curiosity.

Business idea in short

Online education service which give dialogue with various specialists to facilitate intellectual curiosity

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

Children with strong intellectual curiosity, called gifted, are isolated because their talents are not understood by those around them, leading to secondary disabilities such as refusal to attend school and psychosomatic disorders. While understanding their anguish, we provide dialogue with mentors who can respond to their intellectual needs, and contribute to alleviating their worries and helping them develop their talents.


I have seen many university students at Kyoto University, who feel the same anguish that gifted children have. Through this program, we would like to build a system to sublimate the talents of such children and university students into social value.