Eiji Someya

Hutzpah, Inc. Co-founder & CEO
Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University


Born and raised in Chiba Prefecture.
Apr. 2017: Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University
Nov. 2020: Analyst in Jacore, Inc.
Feb. 2022: Founder and CEO in Hutzpah, Inc.

Business idea in short

Cohort-based Online Education Platform

Social issue to tackle | Business concept

Traditional 1-to-n education has the problem of not being individually optimized for each student. This problem has led to the rise of MOOCs, the massively open online courses which offer on-demand, recorded lectures. However, their completion rate is below 10 percent.
To solve these problems, we will provide a cohort-based online education platform.


In the cohort-based education I am aiming for, the role of lecturer changes from “Teacher” to “Mentor”. I will create a society where students can learn about the world one step ahead through mentor and strive toward their dreams.