Misa Takahashi

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
Human Resources Development Department


In 2015, she joined CCC. She managed and planed the TSUTAYA bookstore and TSUTAYA electrics. In addition, she worked for starting a new store.
From 2018, she has engaged in new graduates in the human resources development department.

Social Issues and The Theme of My Business

Social Issues: Population outflow of local cities and some issues which are attended with population outflow.
The Theme of My Business: To contribute to make local cities actively by matching service which gives more choices to people who live in local cities and creating a chance to join an attractive company in provincial.


I am from provincial area, so I have wanted to contribute to there. Therefore, I would like to suggest a lifestyle which value to be each person from aspects of getting employment and career that is after the starting a job. Also, I would like to start a business in order to contribute to provincial area.