Juichi Yamagiwa

Juichi Yamagiwa was born in 1952 in Tokyo, Japan. He obtained his Doctor of Science degree from Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Science. He has served as a visiting researcher at the Karisoke Research Center in the Republic of Rwanda, a research fellow at the Japan Monkey Center, an assistant professor at Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute, and an assistant professor and professor at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Science. Since 2014, he has served as the president of Kyoto University. He is currently a committee member of the Central Environment Council of Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, president of the Science Council of Japan, president of the Japan Association of National Universities, and a member of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation. He has engaged in socioecological research on Japanese macaques in Yakushima in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan, and on gorillas in different areas of Africa. He is also an advisor and member of honor of the Polepole Foundation, an NGO which promotes the coexistence of gorillas and humans in Congo. His published works include The Simianization of Human Society (Saruka suru ningen shakai), and A Warning from the Gorillas: some problems in human society (Gorira kara no keikoku: ningen shakai, kokoga okashii).